Wednesday, March 15, 2017

sem break yang seronok

Alhamdulillah I've survived my second year of mbbs programme, and truth to be told, it was one hell of a year!
So I'm going to be a Year 3 student in less than 2 months time! Don't know what should I feel, but Kak Nad (one of my seniors who also happens to be my housemate) said that Year 3 onwards are so much better than preclinicals. More free time and more practical involvements and undeniably, more dramas.
My professional 2 exam was held for 3 days, and I didn't think I did well in my OSPE paper but that's okay, I am grateful enough to pass the examination and will improve my results in clinical years, inshaaAllah.

So, holidays, urm I got a job at a mini mart but not for a long time because of certain circumstances (no transportation and stuffs)
Other than that, I am a young, wild and free woman! Hahah.
I loveee holidays because I've ample time to sharpen my cooking skills hashtag bakal isteri mithali.

Also I'm doing a small business, selling ice creams and sandwiches, and alhamdulillah once again, people love my products!
I put my sandwiches and ice creams at any shops that are willing to accept it and,
One of my biggest achievement for the past 1 week is, a company located in Klang bought 100 sticks of my ice cream and time tu macam wow aku businesswoman berjaya beb, oklah nak sewa kedai kosong sekarang gak.

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This one is aiskrim sumi, you can google the recipe. So easy to make but so high in calories tak berani nak makan banyak.
I also make aiskrim bandung, jagung, milo, sirap and upcoming issss aiskrim cendol. Next week kot nak start aiskrim cendol.
Imagine in this hot weather, letak pulak kat kedai kedai runcit berhampiran kawasan sekolah, masyuk beb hahahah! Ni apa ni riak ke apa
Tapi ok lah untuk isi masa lapang and getting extra incomes so that I can buy stethoscope and other med equipments for my clinical years.
Stethoscope je dah RM300++ belum campur lain lain lagi :(

And, I also have this thought to become an anonymous writer.
I don't want to reveal my real name.
Should I go with it or not?
Ok lah nanti fikir.
Bye for now! :)

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